Cloudera’s Introduction to Hadoop combined with Cloudera Training for Apache Hive and Pig

Nov. 7, 10 & 11
9:00am - 5:00pm

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Cloudera’s Introduction to Hadoop – November 7

This one-day course will give an overview of Apache Hadoop and related components, providing the prerequisite knowledge for the courses on Apache Hive and Pig, or Apache HBase.

You will learn:

The Motivation For Hadoop

  • Problems with traditional large-scale systems
  • Requirements for a new approach
  • How Hadoop meets those requirements

Basic Hadoop Concepts

  • Hadoop core components
  • How the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) works
  • Hands-On Exercise: Accessing HDFS
  • How MapReduce works
  • Hands-On Exercise: Running a MapReduce job
  • The anatomy of a Hadoop cluster
  • Hadoop installation

The Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Hive and Pig
  • HBase
  • Flume
  • Sqoop
  • Oozie
  • Other Ecosystem projects

Integrating Hadoop Into The Workflow

  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Storage Systems
  • Backup

Solving Problems With Hadoop

  • Common Hadoop-able Problems
  • Example use cases for Apache Hive and Apache Pig as higher-level languages on top of Hadoop’s MapReduce paradigm.

Cloudera Training for Apache Hive and Pig – November 10 & 11

Hive makes Hadoop accessible to users who already know SQL; Pig is similar to popular scripting languages. This three-day course on Hive and Pig is designed for people who have a basic understanding of how Hadoop works and want to utilize these languages for analysis of their data.

Please note, Hive and Pig are under active development, and may offer additional functionality by the time of this session. In that case, we may modify the agenda to include the most relevant information available at the time. We’ll alternate between instructional sessions and hands-on labs to ensure participants leave ready to import and analyze their own data with Hive and Pig.

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